Hannah & Tim – canal-side romance and an incredible ‘first duet’

I have been sitting on these photos for a little while – not because I’ve been waiting for Hannah and Tim to grant me permission to share them (which they did with their strong blessing), but between a glut of family gatherings, a healthy work diary, and a fantastic dog training weekend in the new forest (one for the next blog post…), summer 2019 has been absolutely chock-full.

On to this post… in July Hannah and Tim had a beautiful wedding in the historic market town of Berkhamsted in Hertfordshire.

Music is at the heart of their relationship and it was a key protagonist of this exquisite day. The ceremony was particularly memorable for a 20+ strong all-female choir from Wales who performed works that had been arranged by Hannah herself. Hannah’s arrangements filled the ample space with interweaving harmonies, and had many in tears. It was incredible, especially a rendition of Elbow’s One Day Like This – a song that has been a staple of weddings for about a decade now but which I have never heard performed like this and to such emotional effect.

A core group of us went to the local castle and then to the canal for formal photos – spots that Hannah, Tim and I (plus Hamilton and Jo) had recce’d together a few weeks beforehand.

My coverage was wrapped up with a ‘first duet’. When you’re as fine ticklers of ivories as Hannah and Tim are then you have every right eschew the first dance and treat your guests to some virtuoso Rachmaninoff.

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