‘Say Cheese’

When Jo and I used to talk (at length) about our dream of getting a dog one of the things we craved most of all was to be able to go on holiday with a canine companion.

That became a wonderful reality just before Easter when we took Hamilton on a cheese-fuelled holiday to Cheddar. More than anything Hamilton’s presence made us relax and slow down in a way that we don’t normally do on holidays – no action-packed itinerary of ‘must-dos’, just day after day of leisurely walks, sitting in our airbnb’s garden (Gorge View Eco Cottage), and musing over which was the best of all the great cheddars that we consumed.

A surprising discovery from the holiday was that Hamilton is super-fit. He easily out-stamina’d us on our long walks, and didn’t show any sign of needing an easy day.  It’s such a brilliant turn-around for him as when we adopted him last summer he was very out of shape!

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