New service – talking head videos

I’m delighted to say that I am now offering talking-head style videos as a new service.

Here are a couple of examples produced in June 2023:

Intro video

How does it work?

There are many considerations involved in every video shoot – type of content, intended audience, where it will be watched, filming location, length of video – so it’s almost impossible to give a standard process. However to give a taste, the set-up for the above videos was as follows:

  • two-cameras to capture front and off-camera angles
  • two-light set-up
  • autocue displaying a pre-approved script so the talent could deliver the content naturally and directly to camera

In terms of post-production, the following was delivered

  • transitions using brand colours where appropriate
  • addition of royalty-free music

How did they perform?

These two videos were recorded to address a lack of accessible content describing what the organisation does. They met with approval from all stakeholders, and delivered some of the best ever engagement metrics on the company’s LinkedIn page.

Want something like this for your own organisation?

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