Special offer – COLD SNAP discount on indoor shoots

Given the choice I’m sure most of us would prefer to have photoshoots indoors over the next few months, so I am offering a COLD SNAP discount on any indoor portrait sessions booked between now and the end of February 2023!

For any bookings made by the end of the month I will reduce my set-up charge by 50%. My full rate structure is as follows:

  • Set-up charge = £250 £125
  • Labour charge:
    • Up to 30 minutes hour = £100;
    • Up to 2 hours = £150;
    • Up to 4 hours = £250;
    • Up to 8 hours: £450
  • Post-processing fee: £20 per sitter or group (up to three images per sitter)

So for me to photograph fifteen individuals, which would take about two hours, the fee would be 125 + 150 + (15 x 20) = £575

Contact me to book now!

Email williamstrange@gmail.com or call 07828708247

Portraits against a branded backdrop

Terms and Conditions:

  • Non-refundable deposit of set-up fee must be received by 23:59 on 28 February 2023
  • Bookings can be scheduled for any shoots up to and including 30 April 2023, if I need to reschedule the offer will carry forward.
  • I will bring lighting but you must provide a plain wall as a background
  • Suggested space at least 3m x 4m
  • Travel, accommodation and food expenses will be added where appropriate. This will usually be £0 for shoots taking place in central London or anywhere within a 20-minute drive of SE25.
  • I am not responsible for styling e.g. hair and make-up.